Happy New Year!

Well, its been a while and I hope you are all keeping well!

It is now 2022 and it’s been a very long time since my last update. Here are some things in the works for the coming year:

New Album from Not Your Average Worker Bees. David Sutherland and I have been getting together, virtually, on a regular basis and are quite enjoying this creative process! We have a new album that is almost ready for release and likely several individual tracks coming in the near future! Stay tuned for further announcements on this exciting news!

New Solo Album. I have had a new solo album ready to go since the end of 2019. Why the delay? I just never felt the time was right. Now, I just need to tie up some loose ends and get it out there. The Smokey Quotient is an album of electronic music combining elements of experimental improvisation and more planned music making techniques. It was inspired by my love of whisky from the Isla region of Scotland.

Some new things coming from a photography perspective too! In 2022 I intend to setup an Etsy shop to offer prints for sale beginning with some of my Kallitype prints. I generally tone these prints in Gold which gives them a nice cool deep black and white look but also means that these prints should last as long as the paper they are printed on. In other words, if you take care with them, they will theoretically last for millennia. I also intend to offer Black and White prints in standard Silver Gelatine (with Silver Nitrate) either toned or untoned and I am also working toward offering prints in Silver Gelatine using Silver Chloride which are hand coated for a more unique look. Stay tuned for those! In the meantime check out the Photos menu for my digital and analogue photos.

Eldest – December 31, 2021, Greenwood Conservation Area, Ajax, Ontario. Large format 4×5 film.