Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Intrepita!

Today we launched our new store and published our first sample based instrument!  It’s called RO2.  More than just samples, this is a sample based instrument that you can use for creating your own sounds (or using ours) in your own compositions! As we create more we will try to ensure that  each will be available in Ableton Live Sampler, Native Instruments Kontakt, and generic/Acid formats (Acid format provides the ability for us to add loop points that most modern samplers will understand).

RO2 was created using an analog modular oscillator. 73 samples per wave form (C0-C6, sine, square, saw and triangle) were recorded at 24 bit / 96 kHz so you get all the analog goodness!  Everything from acid and dub basses to searing leads and ambient pads.  The Ableton version of the pack provides 5 instruments and 1 effect rack.  The Komplete version provides an instrument interface with all controls exposable for automation in your DAW!

The second instrument will be called Singing Bowls.  Based on 24 bit / 96 kHz samples of Tibetan Singing Bowls this pack brings to you tuned instruments based on different performance techniques: Soft mallet strike, small stick strike, soft dowel strike, hard dowel strike, rubbed, and bowed.  Each bowl has unique characteristics in terms of fundamental frequencies, harmonics, and sustain.  Different performance techniques accentuate the different characteristics of each bowl.

We are still working on the final layout of the site and the details of the second instrument. But the first one is complete and ready for you!  Please have a listen to the demo tracks below.  All sounds with the exception of drums were made with RO2!