RO2 – New Instrument Now Available

RO2 was created using an analog modular oscillator all samples for this instrument were recorded at 24 bit / 96 kHz so you get all the analog goodness!  Every note between C0 and C6 sampled giving 73 individual samples per wave form across sine, saw, square and triangle wave forms resulting in 292 individual samples (~810 Megabytes)!  This attention to detail gives you the best samples for everything from acid and dub basses to searing leads and ambient pads.  The Ableton version of the pack provides 5 instruments and 1 effect rack.  The Komplete version provides 4 instruments and one multi along with an instrument interface that has all controls exposable for automation in your DAW!  The Generic version provides the raw samples complete with Acid Loops for import into your favourite sampler.  You get access to all three versions with your purchase!

Please have a listen to the demo tracks below.  All sounds with the exception of drums were made with RO2!